Why Dr. Lovato?

“Thank you Dr. Lovato for taking the extra time with me yesterday. He does a great job keeping me patched up!”

   -David H. 

“As a patient of Dr. Lovato‘s for 10 plus years, I can highly recommend him to anyone searching for a superbly trained dentist who continues to train in all the latest dental improvements.   Dr. Lovato also uses the most skilled lab technicians to provide his clients superior products such as bridges, partials, etc.”    

   -Sue B.

“I have been a patient of Dr, Lovato for over 25 years and I don’t think there is a better dentist in Colorado Springs. His manner is caring and friendly, and always 100% in my best interest.  His office staff is friendly and professional, always responsive to my needs.  I don’t think anyone could make a better choice than Dr. Lovato for their dental needs.”  

   -Bonnie A., RN

“Dr. Lovato has been my dentist for more than 25 years.  He and his staff provide outstanding dentistry and great customer service.  Going to the dentist is a pleasant, stress free experience.  I recommend him to all my friends.  Thanks for the great care!”

   -Victoria M.

“Dr. Lovato was highly recommended to us many years ago. Our family had been patients of his for several years when our daughter chipped her front teeth in a fall, and Dr. Lovato met us at his office on a Sunday morning, which we greatly appreciated. Seven years ago we moved to Penrose, and even though there would be dentists closer to us, we would not consider changing dentists. We have found Dr. Lovato and his staff to always be courteous, professional and efficient, and all procedures are explained so that we can understand what will be performed and the reason for the procedure. Being sensitive to the distance we travel, Dr. Lovato has even rearranged his schedule to accommodate us when an unanticipated procedure needed to be done. Several years ago, after a diagnosis of sleep apnea, Dr. Lovato made his first mouthpiece for this condition to use when traveling, and that appliance is still being used. The turnover in staff is minimal, which also speaks highly of Dr. Lovato as an employer. There is a comfort level in going to a dentist and knowing that you will see the same smiling, caring staff, and a dentist who makes dental procedures as pain free as possible. We never hesitate to recommend Dr. Lovato, and would not consider going to another dentist.”

   -Mike and Mary Kay F.

“I first visited Dr. Lovato after another dental practice had messed up the alignment of my teeth and jaws causing headaches and neck aches.  Dr. Lovato was able to repair their damage and has been a pleasure to work with these past years.  I highly recommend him.”

   – Richard S., Ph.D.

“My wife Barbara and I have been patients of Dr. Michael Lovato probably for as long as he has been in practice.  In all that time we have never had an unpleasant  or unfortunate experience.  Dr. Lovato has been a very competent, caring and conscientious dentist.  He has a very kind demeanor which carries over to his staff who are also very friendly and very attentive to our needs and concerns.  In addition to the aforementioned accolades it would be remiss not to mention that  Dr. Lovato is also an excellent dentist from a technical standpoint.  I have had no hesitation recommending Dr. Lovato to friends and family in the past or in the future.”

   -Dr. Donald G., MD

“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Lovato for 20 years and plan to continue with his excellent care even though we recently moved to Denver!”

   -Debby and Rick L.

“For over twenty years we have been Dr. Lovato‘s patients and the service has always been professional.  Dr. Lovato is prompt so there is no long waiting.  He is truly concerned and interested in your dental care.  When I have had severe dental issues, he has called our home to find out how I am doing.  There is always the comfort of knowing if we have issues with toothaches, he is just a phone call away.  If the problem requires a specialist, he is more than willing to assist you with a referral.  He has kept up with new advances in dentistry and we feel very confident in his skills.  The office staff has always been positive, greeting you with smiles and warm welcome.  Going to the dentist is not fun but the entire staff eases your anxieties that you are willing to make another appointment!”

   -Irene and Russ L.

“I’ve been a patient of Broadmoor Dentist for over 35 years-even before Dr. Lovato took over the practice from his partner Dr. Downs.  Going to the dentist can be a scary and painful event but since regular visits are essential to overall good health it’s important to find an office and dentist that you feel comfortable with-and this is it! The fact that I stayed with the office after Dr. Downs retired speaks volumes about Dr. Lovato –  his warm, relaxed and caring manner makes all the difference.  I have very sensitive teeth stemming from receding gums, and I always received TLC. Dr. L often cleans my teeth himself!  A big plus is the office staff and hygienists –  they always greet me like an old friend and treat me with a special touch-often laced with great humor!  Dentistry is something we all need and unseen offices on many a corner–this office and this dentist make the necessary comfortable, relaxing and uniquely friendly!”

   -Priscilla B.

“Having been a client of Dr. Lovato‘s for over 10 years, there are many positive experiences to recall.  In particular, I remember having trouble with a permanent crown which required a couple of revisits.  Dr. Lovato very patiently and compassionately responded to my situation until I was completely comfortable and satisfied.  Because of this trusted professional relationship, and our consistently successful interaction with the office staff as a whole, my family and I highly recommend Dr. Michael Lovato for all general/cosmetic dentistry needs.”

   -Lisa R.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Lovato for many years.  His professional expertise is obvious and reassuring, the dental advice from him and his staff is welcome and helpful (although my level of self-discipline is not always up to the necessary level for  following it), and his staff is knowledgeable, efficient and cheerful.  While I cannot exactly say that I look forward to going to the dentist, the healthy, “freshly scrubbed teeth” feeling after the checkups is worth it.”

   -David C.

“I have been with Dr. Lovato for a number of years. He was recommended by a friend after my long time dentist retired. His office is comfortable, efficient and friendly, an easy staff to work with and I never have to wait. I feel Dr. Lovato is honest and makes going to the dentist almost a positive experience. Anyone looking for a dentist should look here.”

   -Eileen R.

“Dr. Lovato has great chair side manner.  I have had a lot of dental work done by Dr. Lovato– all exceptional!  The office staff is extremely friendly.  There is a great selection of magazines to read, although you don’t get time to read because Dr. Lovato and/or hygienist is always running on time.”

   -Lisa H.

“I am 81 years old and have benefited from good Colorado dentists for many years in Brighton, Denver, and Colorado Springs.  Dr. Lovato stands out in one very important aspect.  As many of you know, one of the most painful aspects of dental treatment is often that related to the shots required to reduce pain.  Of all the dentists I have known, Dr. Lovato administers shots so skillfully that I don’t experience the typical pain of this process.  I very much appreciate the care he takes as well as the great dental service he provides.”  

   -Gerry S.

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Lovato to anyone.  I “inherited” Dr. Lovato when he joined and later purchased the practice of my dentist.  What a pleasure it has been to receive the highest quality dental care from Michael and his staff.  Dr. Lovato is always runs his appointments on time. We all hate to arrive at the office on time but are made to wait.  Most of my family visits Dr. Lovato and we have been happy to stay with Michael for many years.  We plan on continuing to visit Dr. Lovato and the great staff at his office.”

   -Gary C.

“Barbara and I have been patients of Dr. Lovato for the better part of twenty years.  He and his extremely professional staff have performed procedures from routine cleaning to caps, restoration, dentures repair and fabrication.  The results have been extraordinary in appearance, comfort and satisfaction.  When our daughter, Allyson, was in need of a dentist, we recommended Dr. Lovato.  She has been so impressed that she comes from Centennial for appointments.  We have recommended Dr. Lovato to other family members and friends.  Not only do we see Dr. Lovato as our dentist but also as a good friend.”

   -Gary and Barbara T.

“Dr. Lovato is a true professional. He keeps me smiling and has been my dentist for almost 25 years! He’s always very precise and gentle in his dental work and is a true perfectionist. Dr. Lovato and his staff are always helpful and supportive. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Lovato and Staff for dental care. “

   – Alice W.

“Dr. Lovato’s staff are always professional and courteous and work hard to make you comfortable and to take care of your needs.  Dr. Lovato is very thorough and proactive in providing restorative and preventative dental care to his patients.  He explains not just the “what” but includes the “why” when describing his approach in providing patient care.  I trust Dr. Lovato to make the right decisions to protect my dental health.”

   – Shawn D.

“Michael Lovato is one of the most creative dentists I have ever known. He doesn’t stop until he finds a solution and does a great job.  Also, I never have to wait longer than a few minutes for my appointments. The office values my time and that’s very important to me. Thank you for taking such good care of my oral health.”

   – Kari T.

“If you are fortunate and live on the planet for a while, you will no doubt have more than one dentist in your lifetime. Since I meet all the above requirements, I am qualified to comment on my dentist, Michael Lovato.  The gift that Dr. Lovato brings to dentistry is that he remains absolutely interested in and strongly committed to his calling.  He loves dentistry and it shows.  I have had seven dentists during my lifetime, some of whom were quite good, two were exceptional – Michael Lovato is simply the best….plus he’s a nice guy.”

   – Sheldon K. 

“Dr. Lovato has been my dentist for 26 years.  His dentistry is excellent and he exercises sound judgment in his recommendations.  He teaches and encourages his patients to exercise proper dental procedures (flossing, gum toughening) between checkups.  I strongly recommend him!”

   – Jay F. 

Dr. Lovato has been my dentist for twenty years. I have very sensitive teeth and Dr. Lovato is the only dentist I have ever had that has kept me pain free. Dr. Lovato is patient, personable and always willing to take the time to explain what he is proposing to do. Above all, he does great work!”

   -Dan G.